Event Response #2

For my second event, I attended Zadie Smith’s talk in Empie Theater. I was excited to hear her speak because we all read her book over the summer, and I was thrilled to hear her take on it. Though she mentioned “Swing Time” very rarely during her talk, she focused more on other pieces of

Event Response #1

For my first event that I attended, I went to a performance of Tal: Beyond Imagination. What I thought was just going to be another run of the mill performance turned into one of the most inspiring moments I’ve had on campus to date. From the very first moment the show began, I was absolutely

Tea in Japan Chanoyu

In the Sadler, Sen-No-Rikyu text, the part that stood out to me the most was the lack of judgment held by the author. In other pieces, such as George Orwell’s writing, an extreme set of do’s and dont’s is put into place on how tea should be made. The description of Chanoyu, or Japanese tea ceremony, displays

Last 2 Garden Reflections

For the last two hours of my required garden visits, I found my self immersed in a peaceful and tranquil experience. When I attended there was no one of authority present, and after some initial trepidation, I made my way into the foliage on my own. Though I was initially nervous that I would pull up

Conflict Between China And Britain

In my career as a student in the American education system, I had heard the phrase “opium war” before but never learned much about it. Through the reading, a whole new side of the trade between England and China was revealed. The section that my group was assigned to delve in to was from page 4

Poetry Analysis

The poem that resonated the most with me is entitled “Tea Banquet with Zhao Ju” by Qian Qi. I loved the beautiful imagery found within the text and felt connected to the descriptions of the feelings brought on by drinking tea. After drinking the beverage, the author’s description of the, “…minds thoroughly cleansed of dust,

Tea in England

When thinking of cultures surrounded by tea, most people immediately think of Great Britain, though this wasn’t always the case. Standage’s work on tea, found in Chapter 9, gives insight into how tea became as popular in England as it is now. In the 1600’s tea had just started to make its way across the pond, but not

Paraphrase x3 Okakura

“Those who cannot feel the littleness of great things in themselves are apt to overlook the greatness of little things in others” (Okakura 6). Upon reading this sentence I was stopped in my tracks, what could this confusing riddle mean? In my free write, I not only aimed to discover how my three paraphrases impacted my ability to understand

Tea Tasting Reflection

During our classes tea tasting event I started to notice something peculiar about myself: I may be more like George Orwell myself. I have often expressed my dislike towards Orwell’s arrogant airs, but as soon as I was asked to describe different teas an unknown egotistical monster was released from hiding within me. As soon as my

Garden Reflection

On Thursday, September 27th the FYS “How Tea Conquered The World”, ventured into the community garden to observe the plants. We were introduced to the different species of plants, many of which are endangered or rare to the state of Pennsylvania. We learned how to identify each type, and were assigned a different species to

How to Harvest Tea

Pick the leaves off of the desired tea plant. Wither the leaves for about 18 hours in a thin layer. Twist the leaves to make sure they are pliable and will not break before continuing. If they break, let them wither longer. Roll the leaves using a machine to break down the cell structures. Use

The Debate Between Mr. Tea and Mr. Alcohol

Using the 10 on 1 method, I was able to uncover a multitude of information regarding the ancient tale “The Debate Between Mr. Tea and Mr. Alcohol.” Using the central idea of the superiority complex of both Mr. Tea and Mr. alcohol, I found a lot of textual evidence where both sides claimed they were the best,

Reflection on Gardening

Friday, September 14th marked the first hour of gardening in my three-part garden endeavor. I started out tentatively, having been greeted by an enthusiastic gardener at the gates of the Muhlenberg Community Garden. I began to wonder if I had as much passion for anything in my life as this student had for the garden, it became

Free Write on George Orwell’s “A Nice Cup of Tea”

George Orwell was a very arrogant man. Not only did he hold very strong views on the process of brewing the “perfect” cup of tea, but he believed that anyones ideas on tea that were not his own were automatically wrong. If you weren’t following his exact instructions, he believed that you you couldn’t even

Privacy Policy Reflection

After thoroughly reading through both cPanel’s and Boomerang’s privacy policy, I suddenly experienced a feeling I have never had before; utter fear of the internet. Between phrases such as, ” The number of people who have physical access..is restricted to as few as possible”, as well as listing in a description of what the company