Conflict Between China And Britain

In my career as a student in the American education system, I had heard the phrase “opium war” before but never learned much about it. Through the reading, a whole new side of the trade between England and China was revealed. The section that my group was assigned to delve in to was from page 4 to page 5. This portion of the text dealt with the mispronunciation of Graves’ name and its effect on the traders, and the attacks that occurred between the Chinese mob and the foreigners. A connection that I found between my piece of the text and other group’s sections, was the superiority complex held by the foreigners. In my text, the author describes an interaction with a Chinese merchant where when discussing goods, the man replied, “Lice” (Due to his difficulty in pronouncing “rice”). The author found this conversation especially funny, but it is most definitely a form of racism. This would not be considered “ok” by today’s standards and would be considered extremely offensive. Overall, I learned that there was a whole side to the English and Chinese traders that I had never learned about before.

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