Event Response #2

For my second event, I attended Zadie Smith’s talk in Empie Theater. I was excited to hear her speak because we all read her book over the summer, and I was thrilled to hear her take on it. Though she mentioned “Swing Time” very rarely during her talk, she focused more on other pieces of literature that I am unfamiliar with, some things that she said really stuck out to me. She described her first steps into the world of writing, and how she typed up other peoples words that she liked and called it her own. She joked that her, “first taste of writing was through plagiarism.” She also said a few more phrases that caught my attention such as, “It’s a huge responsibility every day to wake up as a person”, “What counts really isn’t what you are but what you do”, and “To be no one is one of the great liberties of life”. The way she talked was so inter4esting because you could see how unique and special her thought process is, and she was an all-around inspiring and fascinating speaker.   

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