Garden Reflection

On Thursday, September 27th the FYS “How Tea Conquered The World”, ventured into the community garden to observe the plants. We were introduced to the different species of plants, many of which are endangered or rare to the state of Pennsylvania. We learned how to identify each type, and were assigned a different species to observe. The first plant I examined was sage, an herb that I have come across in my exploration of cooking. I felt the textures of the leaves and noticed the differences between the young buds and mature leaves. I next moved on to the echinacea plant, something I have eaten in teas, and taken as a supplement to avoid a cold. I loved the texture of the spiky flowers that had died, it reminded me of a prickly sea urchin. Once our class had studied our plants, we grouped back together to learn about how they are used in the real world. I was surprised to hear about all of the medical uses each plant possesses, some even claiming to help cure cancer. Overall, my experience in the garden was extremely educational, as well as relaxing because it felt like a small escape from reality.

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  1. Great to hear the garden provided a little escape! I hope you feel encouraged to take part more regularly in the garden, during your time here at the College in years to come!

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