Last 2 Garden Reflections

For the last two hours of my required garden visits, I found my self immersed in a peaceful and tranquil experience. When I attended there was no one of authority present, and after some initial trepidation, I made my way into the foliage on my own. Though I was initially nervous that I would pull up something important for the most part (I hope) I weeded what was there, though I noticed that the beds are starting to wind down for the winter. After putting in some time with the maintenance, I decided to care for my mind and soul by utilizing my time in the garden to do some inner reflection. I took many pictures of different flowers and a few friendly bees, who luckily didn’t sting me. I also pulled out my bullet journal, a book I use as a combination of a diary, agenda planner, dream board, and more, to take some notes on my feelings of being in nature, Before I knew it, my time in the garden was up, and I was able to go about my day with a newfound feeling of peace and a clear head.

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