Poetry Analysis

The poem that resonated the most with me is entitled “Tea Banquet with Zhao Ju” by Qian Qi. I loved the beautiful imagery found within the text and felt connected to the descriptions of the feelings brought on by drinking tea. After drinking the beverage, the author’s description of the, “…minds thoroughly cleansed of dust, our joy is far from being extinguished…” is a lovely recount of the delights of tea drinking. It describes the feeling of alertness from the caffeine and the lasting satisfaction of drinking the brew in remarkably poetic words. I have experienced similar feelings of being both awake and cozy after drinking a warm cup of tea. While all of the poems used descriptive imagery, often conjuring up images of foggy mountains and beautiful scenery, the simple description of the joy from drinking tea resonated with me. While other texts promoted strict rules in order to make tea “the right way”, everyone can relate to the poems’ simplicity and integrity.

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