Privacy Policy Reflection

After thoroughly reading through both cPanel’s and Boomerang’s privacy policy, I suddenly experienced a feeling I have never had before; utter fear of the internet. Between phrases such as, ” The number of people who have physical restricted to as few as possible”, as well as listing in a description of what the company has access to, “the senders and recipients email address…system name and IP address, geolocation data from your mobile device…”, and more, did not reassure¬† me that my identity is safe on the web. Suddenly I regret all of the times where I mindlessly scrolled through a privacy policy in order to check of the accept button. What was I really accepting and who was I unknowingly giving access of personal information to? In the future I hope that I can be more mindful as to what I’m agreeing to and researching websites before I blindly grant access. This was an eye opening exercise that alerted me to problems I never knew could affect me.

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