Reflection on Gardening

Friday, September 14th marked the first hour of gardening in my three-part garden endeavor. I started out tentatively, having been greeted by an enthusiastic gardener at the gates of the Muhlenberg Community Garden. I began to wonder if I had as much passion for anything in my life as this student had for the garden, it became obvious how proud he was of the growth of the plants. Olivia and I were quickly assigned to weed the carrots, a job filled with viciously ripping out unsavory plants, a quite cathartic experience. When we accidentally pulled up a miniature carrot we were encouraged to taste it, being told it would be the most delicious carrot we had ever eaten. As soon as it entered mouth I knew that I would be mistaken, it was not an enjoyable experience. Over the course of my gardening session, I was also able to try an okra as well and I can know can confidently say to only eat produce when it has had a chance to fully grow and mature. After weeding the garden, I was needed by the front gate to do more up keeping. We learned about the different plants being housed there, most very rare in the state of Pennsylvania, and learned to identify the invasive species. It was slightly sad pulling out morning glories and other plants that had beautiful flowers, but it felt good to know that we were helping to protect rare plants and avoid their extinction. Overall, though I came home with a myriad of bug bites and covered in dirt, I learned many new things about the Earth, something I love and want to help and protect, and felt very proud and accomplished at the end of the day.

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