Tea Tasting Reflection

During our classes tea tasting event I started to notice something peculiar about myself: I may be more like George Orwell myself. I have often expressed my dislike towards Orwell’s arrogant airs, but as soon as I was asked to describe different teas an unknown egotistical monster was released from hiding within me. As soon as my lips touched the PG Tips tea, I knew I would not care for it. My notes describe it as “boring” and “one note”, rather harsh words for a perfectly suitable beverage. Looking back on my notes I have discovered many harsh words and phrases, especially belonging to those describing the Tregothnan and Lapsang Souchong. I had described the former as resembling “pasta water” and the latter having an aftertaste of “beef jerky”. In contrast, the teas that I did enjoy, namely the matcha and Jasmine, received glowing descriptions such as “Light and flowery”, “Earthy and smooth”, and others. When embarking on the tea tasting journey I expected to discover a love for a new type of tea, not uncover George Orwell.

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