The Debate Between Mr. Tea and Mr. Alcohol

Using the 10 on 1 method, I was able to uncover a multitude of information regarding the ancient tale “The Debate Between Mr. Tea and Mr. Alcohol.” Using the central idea of the superiority complex of both Mr. Tea and Mr. alcohol, I found a lot of textual evidence where both sides claimed they were the best, while simultaneously proving that the other is far inferior. These included remarks from Mr. Tea such as, “I… am the heart of ten thousand plants”, ” I have only heard…people becoming mad with alcohol and suffering from alcohol drinking diseases, as well as many more. Mr. Alcohol similarly tried to prove his greatness by stating, “From ancient times until now, tea has been disdained while alcohol has been honored”, “drinking a glass of alcohol one is able to nourish one’s life” if one drinks too much [tea], one will be sick in the stomach”, and more. While some of the statements come from facts, it seems like some are opinion based as well. Alcohol’s claim, that drinking a lot of tea will upset one’s stomach, may be factual but doesn’t the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol do a lot more than a stomach ache? This lead me to queation how much of each sides argument is factual and how much is embellished in order to make the reader believe their claim. Furthermore, by using the 10 on 1 method, I was able to decipher a deeper meaning from the story, than if I was not using any reading tools at all.

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